Do I have to register each family member for the 1/2 Mile Bunny Hop?
We are asking that each family member that will be physically be walking in the Bunny Hop be registered.  If you have a child that will be riding in a stroller or wagon, or will be carried, registration in not required for that child.

Can I participate in the 5K event with a stroller or animal?
Strollers are welcome at the event, however we ask that no dogs or other animals be brought on the course.

Do I have to register separately for the Jackrabbit 5K and the Bunny Hop if I want to particpate in both?
NO.  Registration for the Jackrabbit 5K will allow you to participate in both the Jackrabbit AND the Bunny Hop, provided you have completed the Jackrabbit by the time the Jackrabbit begins.