This past Sunday, we launched our reDISCOVER campaign.  For the next several weeks we are challenging our church family, our co-workers, and our friends to discover for the first time what it’s like to be in a relationship with Jesus and to be connected with a loving church family or to REdiscover those things if it’s something they’ve walked away from.

To be honest, I was unsure about the words I shared during our worship time.  It happens sometimes for me on Sunday mornings.  There are times when I’m not sure I’m prepared enough.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m just droning on while my listeners have already tuned me out.  Other times I feel like the thoughts that make sense in my head are jumbled and cluttered when they come out of my mouth.  And there have even been a few times when I’ve thought to myself, “Is there anything good that can be salvaged from this?”  This past Sunday was one of those mornings for me – I just felt unsure about the thoughts I had prepared.

The surprising thing is (although it probably shouldn’t be surprising anymore as many times as it’s happened) that God moved in a powerful way during our worship together this past Sunday.  We had a young couple respond during our worship (brand new to our church – never had been to Flagstone before Sunday), and they asked for prayers and help because they have a newly found desire to recommit their lives to Jesus.  I had more than one person share with me after worship that they are ready to 1) commit to membership with our church family and 2) commit to volunteering in various ministries at our church.  The majority of our members and our guests stayed to eat together when worship was over.  There were some of our church members that posted positive comments about our reDISCOVER campaign on Facebook.  All in all, it was an amazingly good day!

My experience this past Sunday reinforced for me a few things I’ve learned about God over the last few years:

  • God speaks powerfully when I’m not sure I did. In my own eyes (and ears), my words seemed jumbled and disorganized.  But God spoke to people this past Sunday; He spoke boldly, and He spoke powerfully.  And lives began to change when God shared what He wanted shared.
  • God touches hearts in spite of my inadequecies. I have faults; I have failures; I have not-so-good moments.  I’m not always “on my game.”  I don’t always have it all together.  But God does!  His Spirit was present on Sunday, and His power touched some hearts in our audience in ways that only He could do.  I’m just glad I got to witness it!
  • God draws people to Him that I wouldn’t necessarily expect. There were people in our assembly this past Sunday from a variety of church backgrounds and religious experiences.  There were people who haven’t set foot in a church building in a long while, and there were people who probably have had more modern, dynamic, “hip” worship experiences than what we provided.  And yet God spoke through our worship, God moved in response to our prayers, and God shone through our members’ faces and attitudes and hearts.  And there are people that I expect to see again at our worship in the future – not necessarily because of us, but because of God’s power to draw those to Him who are willing to hear His voice.

I’m excited about this whole reDISCOVER theme.  I’m looking forward to witnessing what God chooses to do this week through those who are choosing to reignite their relationship with Him.  I can’t wait until next Sunday to see who God chooses to touch in ways I never expected.  I find myself reDISCOVERing my excitement for God’s mission in our community…and it’s pretty cool!


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