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"Life Hacks" are tips and tricks that are supposed to give do-it-yourself solutions to common, everyday problems. Use a Post-It Note to clean out your dirty computer keyboard. Use a muffin-pan to serve condiments at a cookout. Scripture is full of "life hacks" - solutions to problems that come up in our lives. We are going to spend the next several weeks at Flagstone looking at some of the "life hacks" God provides us with - tips for dealing with things like anger, stress, parenting, finances, and more.

As we continue focusing on Flagstone's core values, we will be talking about "the church" in this sermon from Marshall - what it is and why our beliefs about it help determine our actions.

Core Values are foundational beliefs. They are principles that dictate behaviors and actions. We have core values at Flagstone - principles that we do not waver from that guide our actions as a church family. Join us as we talk about those Core Values.

Gluttony- that's just about food, right? Isn't that just a sin that fat people have to worry about? Actually, gluttony isn't just about overeating, and it's something that many of us might be struggling with an not even realize it. Join us and listen as we talk about the subtle, consuming sin of gluttony.

"Sloth" is not a word we use often unless we are at a sloth exhibit at a zoo or watching Disney's recent animated film Zootopia. But the Bible has some strong things to say about sloth and how it can affect our lives. Join us at Flagstone as we examine how we can become empowered to fight the battle against sloth.

It may not be something we feel all that comfortable talking about, but it is a huge problem in our culture today for non-Christians and Christians alike. Join as we continue our look at the seven "deadly sins", and learn about this destructive temptation and how to get free from it.

Andy Stanley once said, "Greed is not a financial issue. It's a heart issue." Listen as Marshall talks about the sin of greed and how to keep this subtle temptation from capturing our hearts.

In scripture, God describes pride as one of the things He hates, one of the things He considers an abomination. If God is bothered that much by pride, then it's probably something we should learn to try to avoid. Join us at Flagstone as we talk about how to keep the sin of pride from impacting our lives.

The "Seven Deadly Sins" - What are they and why are there seven of them? What makes them deadly? Join us as we begin to discover some details about these sins and how to deal with them in our own lives.

Whatever is hurting in your life - Jesus can heal it. Whatever part of your life is dead - Jesus can breathe life into it again. Join us as we discover how Jesus still has the power to do the miraculous.

One dictionary defines a miracle as a surprising and welcome event that can't be explained by natural or scientific laws. Jesus performed several miracles during His ministry - events that were usually unexpected and virtually unexplainable. Beginning this Sunday at Flagstone, we are going to take a fresh look at some of the miracles Jesus performed and realize how His power is still at work today.


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