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Jesus came into our world as a light shining in the darkness. The blessings that began with the Baby in the manger continue to be sources of light in our dark world today. Join us as we talk about ways that God can bring light to our lives.

Through Jesus Christ, God has adopted us as His children and welcomed us to His table. One of the challenges that he gives us is to look after children in our community who don't have a family to belong to. Join us at Flagstone as we focus on the important ministries of adoption and foster care and remind ourselves that at God's table there is "Room for the Fatherless." Today, we'll begin with stories of adoption and foster care from Ryan and Jolene Smith, along with Cheryl Savage.


At different times in our lives many of us have been made to feel like we don't belong, we don't fit in, we're not accepted. We are going to spend the month of November being reminded that no matter who we are or what we've done or how "unacceptable" we've been made to feel, God always has room at His table for those who don't feel like there is room for them anywhere else. Come join us at Flagstone this Sunday - we've got room at our table for you!

We all have a story - snapshots of events and memories that, when woven together, make up the stories of our lives. For many of us, part of that story includes our connection, our relationship with God. But how often do we share that story with others? How do we get in a better habit of telling our story?

Rev J Martin said, "Words are free. It's how you use them that may cost you." How do we get better at knowing which words to use and when to use them?

A 2014 national survey revealed that 52% of Americans don't enjoy their work. If you're one of those folks (or you know someone who is), join us at Flagstone as we discover some "Work Hacks" that God gives us that can help make going to work a blessing instead of something we dread.

Google "ways to relieve stress," and you'll get approximately 17,000,000 results. Stress is something we all deal with, but not all of us deal with it effectively. We're going to talk about Stress Hacks this Sunday - helpful solutions from scripture that can help us handle stress in a better way.