Title Speaker Date Series
Miraculous - The Healing of the Ten Lepers 2017-03-19 Miraculous
Miraculous - The Bleeding Woman and Jairus' Daughter 2017-03-12 Miraculous
Miraculous - The Miracles of Jesus 2017-03-05 Miraculous
Busting Marriage Myths - The Financial Peace Myth 2017-02-26 Busting Marriage Myths
Busting Marriage Myths - The No-Fighting Myth 2017-02-19 Busting Marriage Myths
Busting Marriage Myths - The Mind Reader Myth 2017-02-12 Busting Marriage Myths
Busting Marriage Myths 2017-02-05 Busting Marriage Myths
Committed to Our Mission 2017-01-29 Committed
Committed to Church 2017-01-22 Committed
Committed to Personal Growth 2017-01-15 Committed
Committed 2017-01-08 Committed
Clean Slate 2017-01-01 General Topics
Christmas Moments - The Frailty of Christ 2016-12-25 Christmas Moments
Christmas Moments - Joseph 2016-12-18 Christmas Moments
Christmas Moments - The Innkeeper 2016-12-11 Christmas Moments
Christmas Moments - Mary 2016-12-04 Christmas Moments
Christmas Moments 2016-11-27 Christmas Moments
I Am Thankful -pt2 2016-11-20 I Am Thankful
I Am Thankful 2016-11-06 I Am Thankful
Recycled Relationships 2016-10-30 Recycled