• Jason Cavness

    Jason Cavness had a belief in God, but he had no relationship with God. He didn't go to church; he didn't pray; he didn't have any real connection with God. But when Jason was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, he accepted a family member's invitation to church. Listen to his story of his amazing journey of healing and a recycled relationship with God.
  • Crystal Martinez

    Addict, Liar, Thief - these are some of the labels that Crystal Martinez has had to endure, mostly because of her own choices. Starting her drug addiction as a young teen, she eventually found herself losing her pride, her family, her friends, and her health. Listen to Crystal share how God recycled her story from addiction to freedom.
  • Dellian Sharp

    Dellian Sharp was losing his marriage and was having his life threatened because of the life he was living. After enduring consequences to his choices and spending time renewing his knowledge of God's word and God's presence in his life, Dellian has experienced a recycled faith, and he doesn't hesitate to share it with others. You need to hear this amazing story.